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Communications technologies such as 4G, Wi-Fi can keep your workforce directly connected to your business, no matter where they are. The flexibility these systems provide make for a dynamic business model that provides flexibility to both employees and employer. With flexibility comes an increasingly streamlined, efficient way of working that substantially reduces business costs. The question is no longer should I allow my staff to be able to work from site or at home, it is how do I compete with all the other businesses that already do?

And this is where Midas’ mobile solutions bring a significant improvement.


Midas‘ team of highly trained consultants can provide an in-depth analysis of how and where you work. Taking into account your business priorities and goals, as well as the requirements of your end-users, we offer tailor-made packages that ensure your network of customers and employees are connected at all times. Following consultation, we provide you with a unique set of mobile solutions that encompasses:

  • Optimised network connectivity achieved through our Mobile network partnerships with Vodafone, O2, EE and the use of 4G high-speed data connectivity service
  • Affordable call and data tariffs achieved by buying wholesale minutes and data services from the major networks. This allows us to tailor our tariffs to suit your current needs, while retaining flexibility for future development as your business grows
  • Mobile security with encryption options and Mobile Device Management
  • Quick, easy setup lets you upgrade your workplace network with a minimum of disruption
  • IoT integration allows you to connect a diverse range of devices in one streamlined network

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Midas design our packages with one goal in mind – to make our clients’ communications systems as easy and as simple to use as possible. Our customers are not faceless numbers, and we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding support.

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This is a fast-paced industry with new innovations in the field appearing all time, and we are at the forefront of these developments. Because we take the time to understand your business, we are able to ensure the most useful innovations are always within your reach.

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