Fixed & SIP Telephony

With a combined 40 years of experience in the telecoms industry, the team at Midas are experts in innovative, integrated phone solutions. We have a proven track record in providing and managing ISDN and SIP networks for UK businesses.

We offer our clients a high-performance fixed-line telephony system that keeps you connected with partners, providers and clients. Whether ISDN or SIP, we can assess the right system for your business, and ensure it is tailored to your particular needs.

SIP Trunking: The Favourite Alternative to ISDN

SIP trunking connects your network to our provider of choice: Gamma, one of the UK’s industry leaders in the field. Via a broadband or ethernet IP connection, your business PBX can be linked to Gamma’s SIP trunk, and from there to the public network.


  • Flexibility​ ​- SIP allows you to change premises while retaining the same phone number, ensuring you and your clients stay connected. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, your network can quickly be relocated to a safe location.
  • Cost​ ​effectiveness​ ​- IP connectivity offers lower call costs, lower relocation costs, and free internal calls within the network.
  • Line​ ​rationalisation​ ​- Reduce the number of PBXs your business requires, while maintaining full control of all your affiliated numbers.
  • Seasonal​ ​adaptability​​ ​- Businesses that experience a seasonal surge can allocate extra space and resources whenever necessary.

Stay Ahead of Tomorrow’s Business Environment

Terrestrial voice protocols are on the way out, and it’s widely acknowledged that SIP systems stand to take their place. The business communications landscape is set to change radically over the next few years, with more and more services converting to Voice over IP systems.

Fixed Telephony Solutions and Business Phone Lines

Fixed Telephony Solutions and Business Phone Lines

Business owners with an eye on the future are already converting to systems ready to operate in an open communications environment.

Midas’ SIP-based integrated phone solutions are compatible with Skype for Business, an industry-leader in providing business communications platforms. Working with Gamma SIP Trunks, we guarantee you a new IP phone system that reduces your costs, while remaining effective in tomorrow’s communications landscape.

The Midas consultants keep a transparent working relationship – meaning that you will be made aware of all incurred costs, help you understand your bills and will even investigate cost-saving opportunities on your behalf.

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