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Our vision is built on the three C-s that represent the bedrock of what Unified Communication services should be:


Midas provides businesses throughout the UK with integrated phone solutions, tailor-made to suit your work environment. Our adaptable telecoms systems let you to choose how you do business, and give you and your employees a streamlined, user-friendly workplace.

Our team have a combined 40 years providing UK businesses with practical communications networks. We have adapted to a constantly changing environment: staying on the cutting edge of technology while providing straightforward, workable telecom solutions.

At the forefront of our work is Horizon: a Cloud PBX that provides businesses with a system that can be adapted to serve their specific needs. Horizon gives you complete control over your communications network, connecting multiple sites and giving you remote access to any part of your business.

Hosted Voice systems are swiftly taking the place of conventional setups, and Horizon is an industry leader. With our help, you can ensure your business is prepared for the future. Our systems offer scalability, providing integrated phone solutions that can grow with your business.

A properly organised system can provide your business with the space it needs to expand far into the future, offering a maximum return on your investment.

Productive, efficient and cost effective

Our custom-built systems ensure you get the right communications for your workplace. Whether you’re moving office, working from home or linking multiple sites, we have a quick and easy solution that will cover all your bases.

We adapt our integrated phone solutions to meet your specific needs. Our systems allow you to manage complex multi site environments, cutting costs and increasing efficiency by unifying your coms in one user-friendly package. By consolidating your communications estate, you can instantly benefit from a centrally managed network accessed through the latest software.

And it’s not only your employees who benefit from a new phone system that’s fit for purpose. By monitoring phone usage, you can ensure the right resources are available at every step of a call.

Increased availability leads to higher customer satisfaction, and can earn your business a reputation as a company that takes its clients seriously.

Midas has a vast pool of collective experience and our consultative approach is the key to finding the right solution for you. Begin your free​ ​consultation​ right away and we can start designing the blueprint for your business, involving either Hosted or Fixed Telephony, Connectivity, Mobile Airtime and IoT.

With these tools we ensure that regardless of where your workforce is, they can still collaborate with their colleagues, customers and suppliers in a productive, efficient and cost-effective manner.

We have partnered with Gamma​, the leading supplier of voice, data and mobile products on the market. Their proven track record in integrated phone solutions guarantees our clients the highest level of quality.