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According to Greek legend, King Midas had the ability to turn objects to gold simply by touching them. At Midas Communications, we feel a combination of core values, coupled with a wealth of experience in the telecoms industry, gives us our own ‘Midas Touch’ – the edge that we have over our competition.

M = Modern – We are at the forefront of today’s technology, providing our clients with systems that will remain effective for years to come.

I = Intelligence – We are able to analyse complex communications issues, and provide you with the best solution.

D = Delivery – Effective project management ensures your system is up and running in the shortest time possible.

A = Agility – As your provider, we can oversee every aspect of your communications network, managing services from end to end. As a result, we’re able to work proactively with you to adapt and upgrade, letting you benefit from the very latest technology.

S = Service – We work closely with our clients, and are still there for them long after a project is complete.

Dynamic, reliable and forward-looking

Together, these business principals make Midas Communications one of the most dynamic, reliable and forward-looking telecoms companies operating today. With a proven track record and long list of satisfied clients, we are confident that our ‘Midas Touch’ guarantees an unbeatable service and superior communications network.